The Toxnot 2.15 Release includes the following feature updates:

BOM Editor: Indent/deindent multiple rows at once
Select multiple rows in the BOM editor by shift-clicking on row checkboxes. You can indent/deindent multiple rows at a time.

BOM Data validation happens automatically without needing to click a button
BOM Validation now happens in real time as you edit the spreadsheet. For details, please see our Help Article on BOM Editing, under "Validating Your Data."

Import BOM summary data
You can now import summary data, either from the main import page, or from an existing BOM's summary data view. For details, please see our Help Article on Advanced Data Importing, under Summary Data Import Specifications.

Ability to reset all BOMs or just one BOM to match the template's column order
You can force a reset of all BOMs so their spreadsheet views match the order of the BOM Column Template. To do so, click the "Reset All Products" button at the top of the BOM Column Template editor:

To only reset one product or material at a time, use the "Choose Columns" button in the BOM editor, and then click "Match to BOM Template."

Search by name, description, supplier, plant when looking up a material to insert in the BOM editor

Global reporting setting for Declare manufacturer name
In the BOM editor, click the Report menu and then select the "Options..." button. There is now a "Default Manufacturer Name" field. Use this field to set a global default manufacturer name for reporting.

Reference existing materials when importing a material library
Material library imports can now reference existing materials.

Support for BOM imports that use 0-based leveling instead of 1-based
Imported BOMs can now use a 0-based leveling structure. Toxnot will translate 0-based leveling into its standard 1-based leveling structure.

Better display of required questions in questionnaires
Required questions are more clearly and concisely marked for suppliers.

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