The Toxnot 2.16 Release includes the following feature updates:

Preview Surveys Before They're Sent

From within the New Survey wizard, click Preview to get an overview of the survey request email, activation page, questionnaires, and BOM columns as a supplier would see them.

Additional Message Settings

  • CC Emails are included in your survey request email, and is useful to include a contact at your organization the supplier may already be familiar with.

  • Completion Instructions are displayed to the supplier when all required fields in the survey have been completed. This optional message can be used as a "thank you" or to offer follow-up instructions to your supplier.

Simplified Create Survey Button

Where there were three, one remains. The various "Send *** Survey" buttons have been slimmed down to a single button and a short wizard to help you choose the right survey. Just click Create Survey!

Suppliers Forward Survey Responses

Previously, if the "wrong" person accepted your survey request, you needed to send a new survey entirely to the person with the information you need. Now, a supplier can forward the response to a new designated owner, who can view and edit all survey information, and submit the response.

When you receive the response, you can see a history of all ownership events.

Suppliers just click Forward Response to New Owner to get started:

Verify Email for New Messages

You can verify your email address within Toxnot so that emails come directly from you instead of Emails from your own address gain immediate customer recognition from your suppliers, their email replies with questions about the survey reach you directly, and if your survey email gets bounced you know right away.

Go to Profile and click Send Verification Email to get started. You'll have 24 hours to follow the activation link in your email, or else you'll need to re-send the verification email.

Toxnot uses Amazon Web Services to securely manage email addresses and send emails.

Highlighting Privacy and Confidentiality

Suppliers are always looking for assurance on how their data is protected, and our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are designed to serve as a non-disclosure agreement for them to enter their data. 

We've written a new help article to explain how proprietary data is protected in the system, and redesigned several pages to put Privacy and Confidentiality front-and-center for suppliers.

Simplified Material Data Entry

The BOM Editor has too much to offer for most suppliers looking to quickly enter simple substance data. We've created a questionnaire-esque data-entry wizard for suppliers to quickly respond to data, and we've highlighted "Proprietary" settings within the supplier workflow to make it easy for them to understand and choose the right proprietary settings.

See Using the Simple BOM Editor.

Questionnaire: Add Instructions to Your Questions

When building your questionnaire, you can now optionally include Instructions for a question to offer another level of detail for your information request. 

The instructions will appear directly below your question text:

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