The simple data form lets you edit product or material records using a basic web form. You fill out data for a record in the form as well as adding or removing records. 

Editing Data

Use the web form on the left to fill out text boxes with data for a record. You'll see your record table in the table on the right.

To switch records, click on the rows in the table, or use the Previous and Next buttons.

Use the "Add New Record" and "Remove Record" buttons to add or remove records from the table.

Assigning Substances

You can search the Toxnot database to assign a substance to a record. Search by Chemical Registry Number or Chemical Name.

If you don't find your substance in the Toxnot database, you can add it to your "My Substances" list. To search "My Substances", use the magnifying glass button to select "Search My Substances."

To prevent a substance from being disclosed, check the "Proprietary" checkbox. This allows the hazards associated with the substance to be reported on, but the Chemical Registry Number and Chemical Name (and any other identifying information) will not be shared.

Click "Remove substance" to remove the substance altogether from the record.

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