The Toxnot 2.17 Release includes the following feature updates:

Portfolio Dashboard and BOM Comparisons: Learn more with LT Score Help

  • The appearance of LT score have been standardized to always be encoded with the appropriate color template in Portfolio data tables.

  • In BOM Comparisons, the score-help popover is now available in the Score column.

  • In both Portfolio and BOM Comparisons, Overall Score charts are now interactive - simply click and LT score in the chart to learn more about it.

Learn more about the GreenScreen List Translatorâ„¢

Portfolio Dashboards: Switch between displays on-the-fly

Within a portfolio dashboard, you can now quickly change the display type of a component between Data Table, Pie Chart, and Bar Chart - switch to a data table to see the details, or a pie chart to get the comprehensive view of your library.

Note: charts are only available for specific aggregation modes, such as Overall Score and Lists.

BOM Comparisons: Be Descriptive!

When creating or editing a saved BOM Comparison, you can now provide a description which your colleagues will see at the top of the comparison.

Importing: Extract More Suppliers

When importing a new product or material, rows which contain "Supplier" previously only created a new supplier if the row was extracted as a material. Now, all possible new suppliers are created during the import.

Toxnot is Faster than Ever

This release we majorly optimized the tools for BOM creation, editing, and reporting to load and react at blazingly fast speeds for even the largest BOMs in the system (looking at you, electronics companies). 

You can look forward to:

  • Faster import processing for all products and materials.

  • Faster report generation for all products and materials.

  • Faster BOM editing using dynamic rendering of the BOM Editor, specifically for the largest BOMs out there.

We're confident that even with over 10,000 rows in a single product we'll be able to give you a smooth experience.

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