The Toxnot 3.2 Release includes the following feature updates: 

Survey Enhancements

Easier for Suppliers

  • E-mail notifications will now be sent to suppliers as well when they have submitted their survey, similar to how you receive completion confirmations. 

  • Revision workflow is now available. If you receive an incomplete survey from a supplier, you may ask for a revision from the sender. The sender will then receive that notification, and can revise the survey and resend. This allows you to return an incorrect or incomplete survey and ask the supplier to improve it. 

  •  Custom flag columns can be sent to  suppliers who are completing a BOM. Within your BOM column configuration, you can set-up custom flag columns based on regulatory or chemical of concern lists. Then, you can send those columns to the supplier as part of the survey in the BOM field selection step. Learn more in BOM Column Set-up. 

Continued Configuration 

  • Set your own subject when sending a survey to suppliers. Simply enter the new subject line in place of "Toxnot Supplier Survey". Note that this is only available to users sending emails from their own validated email. 

Other Enhancements

Set-up: Set default auto-calculation mode for the system
Within the import process, you may now set a default auto-calculation mode that will apply across your account. Use this to when you use the same auto-calculation settings for all your data.

Report Settings: Unique threshold settings for each report type
The disclosure threshold setting may now be set for each separate report type. Just select the Data Page for the report you are creating, and you can set the threshold setting in that page. They can be separate values for the different reports. 

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