Health Product Declarations are helpful reports to use to meet your transparency goals. They allow you to easily and clearly respond  to your customers' requests for transparency. 

You can read more about HPDs here.

Creating an HPD
Creating an HPD is easy within Toxnot. Once you have built up your product, select Report > HPD - type. Read more about the details of creating an HPD here

Preview allows you to preview the HPD and then either export it or submit it to the HPDC builder. In order to publish HPDs to the public HPD repository, you must either:

Editing Material and Chemical Data
Use the Products view to edit the material and chemical data that appears on the label. Once you click on the specific product you are working on, you will taken to the bill of material editor. Within that view you can mark chemicals as proprietary. 

Those chemicals will appear as undisclosed, but they will still list the relevant Greenscreen score and hazard type.

Editing Summary Data about the Product
In creating an HPD, it is important to include identifying data about the product as well as product inventory data describing the level of knowledge about the chemicals in the product.

All product summary data is accessed using the Data drop-down in the product view, and selecting "Edit Summary Data". 

First, the overview data is accessed using the "General" page. This is where you will edit data about the product and the manufacturer for the top section of the HPD. 

Next, in the "HPD" page, the rest of the HPD data can be entered and edited. 

The data is organized according the sections of the HPD. If this data is stored in an external system, or if you have the same data for multiple products, you can both export and import all of these fields by using the export and import buttons. At anytime you can click done editing, and preview the label to see how the data will appear.

Submitting your HPD

From the HPD preview, you can choose to "Submit HPD data to HPDC for publishing." 

Choosing to submit your data will send your label to HPDC for review, including your name and email address registered in Toxnot. Data you have marked as proprietary will remain undisclosed in this submission.

Once you have submitted using Toxnot, you will need to log into the HPDC Builder with your HPDC login and password to accept the data. A prompt to approve Toxnot as an app to submit your data will automatically appear after your first submission. This will only need to be approved once. 

You will then be able to see the submitted data within Builder and be able to edit or publish it to the HPD Public Repository. 

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