What chemicals and substances are in your products? You often need to reach out to a list your suppliers for this information. Toxnot helps you automatically survey your suppliers and incorporate their data throughout your Products and Materials Library. Our supplier survey functionality is extremely customizable and has a variety of options to meet your needs. 

Table of Contents:
Types of Surveys
Toxnot Starter Template
Language Options
Verifying your Email
Sending Reminders
Other Resources

Types of Surveys

There are three types of surveys available in Toxnot:

  • Product/Material-specific surveys: Request BOM information, including substance information or a questionnaire, for products or materials chosen by you.

  • Open BOM surveys: Request BOM information, including substance information or a questionnaire, for products or materials chosen by the supplier.

  • Supplier-level surveys: Request general supplier information, such as manufacturing or operational data, using a questionnaire.

When you send a survey  to a supplier, they receive an email requesting that they respond to your survey in Toxnot. Suppliers have free access to Toxnot, and their response is only visible to you.

To learn more about the supplier experience, in Toxnot see Suppliers' Guide to Surveys. 

1. Product/Material-Specific Surveys

Choose a product/material specific survey when you wish to receive supplier information for products or materials already in your library.  You can ask for content information - aka BOM fields - and/or information about the product or material - aka a BOM-level questionnaire. 

To send a BOM-specific survey, navigate to the Suppliers page, open a supplier, select your materials/products to request, and click "Create Survey".

You can also select this survey type by selecting the "Products and Materials chosen by you" option when selecting "Create Survey" from the Suppliers page. 

You will be prompted by a page that looks like the one below. Toxnot will search the Toxnot Exchange for anything similar to the product you are surveying for. If your product is already on the exchange, you can request access or see the material already instead of having to send a survey. If you don't see what you're looking for, click 'continue to survey'.

When designing the survey request you have many customization options. The image below is an example of how the survey will appear while creating it, along with short explanations of the customization that each section provides.

Page 1. Materials

Page 2. Request Data

Page 3. Reminders

Use the reminders page to write a message and schedule emails to your suppliers to remind them to fill out the survey.

Page 4. Message Settings

Use the message settings to customize the message included in the initial email to your supplier. You have the option to change the language at the top or to use a template you created earlier.

2. Open BOM Surveys
If you would like to survey a supplier about one or more of the materials they supply, but the materials are not specifically chosen or distinguished by you, you will want to choose an Open BOM Survey. If you have more specific data requests, you can clarify in a custom message within the survey. 

To create an Open BOM Survey, navigate to Suppliers, select one or more suppliers, and click "Create Survey". Then click "Products/Materials chosen by your Supplier":

When designing the survey, the survey will appear as follows, with the customization options you can see below. 

3. Supplier-level Surveys
If you're only looking for non-ingredient information from a supplier (i.e. contact information, sustainability policies, processes, etc.), you will want a Supplier-level survey. You will need at least one questionnaire to get started with this type of surveying  - learn more about designing and using questionnaires here: Questionnaires. 

To create a Supplier-level Survey, navigate to Suppliers, select one or more suppliers, and click "Create Survey". Then click "general information on a Supplier":

When designing the survey, the survey will appear as follows, with the customization options you can see below. 

Once you've designed your survey to your satisfaction, click "Send Surveys" and you're all set! You'll receive email notifications as the supplier receives, activates, and responds to your survey, and you can see the status of all of your surveys when you navigate to Surveys. 

If you're not ready to send the survey, you can always select "Save as Draft" which you can return to at any time in the "My Surveys" tab.

Toxnot Starter Template

We have simplified the supplier survey process for you by creating the Toxnot Starter Template. This template is already available in your Toxnot account. You can either use this template as is, or as a starting point for customizing your own survey template.

This survey includes a general supplier questionnaire, and a BOM questionnaire that includes questions about CA Prop 65 compliance, recycled content, and internal sustainability policies. It also has default language settings to allow suppliers to choose between English, Spanish, and Chinese. 

For more information on sending a quick supplier survey using this template, visit the article listed at the bottom of this article. 

Language Options in Toxnot

Within the Survey functionality, you have the option to change the language that the questionnaires are available in to best suit the needs of your suppliers. Our default options are English, Spanish, and Chinese. The Toxnot Starter Template questionnaires are available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. For any other languages AND custom questions, you will need to translate the questions into the correct language yourself and add them into Toxnot

To change the language of the questionnaires, first navigate to the "Supply Chain" drop down and select "My Questionnaires". From here, you can either edit one of our standard questionnaires, or create your own. Once you're in a questionnaire, select the language drop down (as pictured in the image below), where you can add or remove languages. You can also see how the questions are appearing in the other languages or add in your custom questions/translations by selecting the specific language from the drop down. 

For more information on Questionnaires, visit the article here: Questionnaires

Verifying your Email with Toxnot

By default, survey request emails generated in Toxnot are sent using the support@toxnot.com email address. Often, it can be useful to send the request directly from your email - the supplier will be able to recognize your information and can reach out to you directly with compliance questions for your requested survey.

You can verify your email address with Toxnot so that survey requests you send will come directly from your email. 

To verify your email, navigate to your Profile and click "Send Verification Email". 

You will receive an email containing an activation link, and you will have 24 hours to verify your email address. Upon verification, new survey requests will come from your email address via Amazon Web Services, the simple email service which Toxnot uses.

Sending Reminders to Suppliers

If you didn't already enable reminders when sending your survey and you find that your survey has gone unanswered after a few weeks, you can use Toxnot's reminders to encourage a response from your suppliers. With Pro, Team, and Enterprise subscriptions, you can also schedule reminders for your suppliers.

One-time Reminder

First, click anywhere on the survey line in your "My Surveys" tab. 

Once you're in the survey, you can select "Send Reminder" at the top of the page. Or you can send the survey again.

A dialog box will then appear, allowing you to enter a message to your supplier such as the use of the survey data and expected data of completion. An email will then be sent to the supplier with your message, as well as a link to complete the survey.

Scheduling Reminders

With the pro, team, and enterprise supplier surveys, you can also schedule reminders. In your initial surveys you can use the reminder scheduling to build out your reminder schedule.

If you ever need to return to the survey to edit the reminders, you will go to the "My Surveys" area and select the relevant survey.

Then when you scroll to the bottom of that survey, you can see if any reminders are scheduled and edit the schedule if needed.

Finally, if you click on the "Add Reminder" button, you will be able to add a reminder to your schedule, or click the red 'x' to delete the reminder.

Other Survey Resources

If the above instructions did not answer your questions, refer to the below resources for more information on supplier surveys. 

Survey Attestations
Manage Surveys Using Templates
Survey About Compliance Using Toxnot Standard Pages
Accepting Supplier Responses & Asking for Revisions

Getting Help 

Do you have a question about the workflow or issues you've found?
Use the Intercom chat service in the bottom-right of your screen to connect to a Toxnot Customer Success Engineer, and we'll get back to you with the information or help you need.

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