Summary data is information about your product or material, such as plant, supplier, disclosure threshold, or product category. Within Toxnot, summary data is used to write reports, and stored about products and materials. To learn more about managing the internal summary data, click here. In this article, we will focus on the summary data used for reporting.  

Edit Reporting Summary Data

To view reporing summary data, open the BOM Editor and select Data > Edit Summary Data.

That will take you to your general summary data page. The reporting summary data is above the thin grey line, and the internal summary data pages are below the thin grey line. 

Any data entered here will then be displayed in the relevant report(s). The data entered in the general section, such as manufacturer name and logo, is used in multiple reports, and the rest of the data is only used for the relevant report. Thresholds do not flow across different pages, so if you set the threshold as 100 ppm for an HPD and as 1000 ppm for a Declare label, it will display in those separate labels as such. 

Within Toxnot, you can set your company name to be a default that will be used in all reporting you do. This video will walk you through how to access the the default company name through the reporting options. 

The company name and logo can be changed from the default in the general page for individual products. This is useful for certain cases, such as if a product is listed as being from a different brand than the other products.

Managing Documents

Documents that are added to the summary data, including compliance pages, can each have descriptions and can be viewed together on the documents tab of the summary data view.

The same document can be added to many different materials via bulk upload, which you can learn more about here.  

Importing Summary Data

You can import summary data via bulk import or on each individual material. To use the bulk summary data, use the button below. For individual products, continue reading below. 

While the easiest way to enter data is using the summary data view, summary data may be imported from a spreadsheet. The best way to do that is to first export the data you already have, and then import the new data. 

The export button will create a CSV file of all the fields in the data summary pages. 

You can open the CSV file in any spreadsheet editor, including Excel, and enter the values you would like the summary data to contain. 

Once you are done editing the data, you can import the spreadsheet you have created as a CSV or an Excel file. 

This can also be very useful if you have similar summary data for multiple products. You can simply export the summary data from the completed product and import it to the product you would like to copy it over to. 

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