This page will walk through the main operations needed to support Declare label creation within Toxnot. 

Process Overview

Most of your administration will be done in the Declare Admin section. Here you will be able to view label submissions, as well as information about ILFI Member Accounts. Partners will not be able to see the ILFI Member Toxnot Accounts, nor any labels that are not assigned to them.

Declare Label Dashboard

This dashboard is where you will be able to view and access shared, submitted and published labels. You can control the order the labels by sorting by any of the column headers by clicking on it, or by searching or sorting by the state using the top bar. You can also check the status and expiration date of any label in the system. 

Product Label Page

When you click on any product name, you will be taken to that product's label page. Here you will be able to view the data the manufacturer sent, upload labels and work on each step of the work flow. 

Review Process

Reviewing a Label Shared for Feedback

With the Declare Label tab, you will see a list of submitted labels. You can sort by state or declaration status, and also search by product name or company.

Once you have found the product submission you are looking for click the Product Name to find the information on that product. You will see three categories of submitted data by the manufacturer. 

The Declare Label Data matches to the manufacturer's Product Summary Data. The Ingredient Information is the product chemistry information stored in the manufacturer's BOM. Finally, the Product Images are the logo and product image from the manufacturer's Summary Data. The data in this view for the Declare Admin is editable, but any changes will not be sent back to the product manufacturer. Because of this, it is much better to communicate any changes needed with the manufacturer over email. 

In this Shared for Feedback stage, we do not imagine administrators using any of the settings in the Declare Admin tab, shown below.

Reviewing a Label Submitted for Approval

Once a label is submitted from the manufacturer for approval, it will appear in the Declare Labels tab with State as “Submitted”. 

Click on the product name to again review the data. Complete the Declare Admin tab for the particular label. The drafted label can then be assigned to a partner or shared back with the manufacturer before being submitted as a draft. The manufacturer has to review and approve the draft label, so sharing with the manufacturer will likely only be used rarely. 

The status will then be changed to ILFI Draft. 

Within the Manufacturer view, they will see the draft as well as a button to approve the label. The manufacturer can also email or call ILFI and approve the label, in which case there is a button on the admin side to approve. 

From there, within the Declare Admin dashboard the state changes to manufacturer approved. 

Now when you click into the label information, your option is to Publish the label. 

Once the label is published, the button at the upper right-hand corner of the view becomes Unpublish and the label information will be available on the front facing database within 24 hours. The state of the label also becomes published. 

Add ILFI Team members

Only the Team owner can add team members.

Click on the “Team” tab on the left side of the app to open the Team page. Then click “Add Team Member” at the top. Enter an email address, then set the Role (permission level), then click Invite.

A user can be added as an Editor, Partner, or Viewer. The Team Owner (Andrea) can change people’s roles after the fact by clicking on the Role on the Team Page. E.g. you can switch someone between Partner and Editor.

When people open the Team invitation mail, they just need to follow the link in the email to sign up for an account on the Beta, and they will automatically be added to the Team.

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