Whether you are working with a third-party, or have sold a product line, sometimes you need to share data between accounts that aren't on the same team. That is what our import/export features provide. 

First, you need to export your information about the product. For the product BOM data, you will export from the BOM view. 

Next, to export the product summary data, first view the summary data. 

Then export that data using the top menu. 

This export will not include a few pieces of the data used to create labels: alternative chemical names, VOC file attachment, and product image. However it will include all other data in the data.

Finally, the person you sent the data to can import the information using the traditional product upload with the advanced option of attaching a summary data file. 

They will then have the product data that you have in your account to be able to continue tracking information, creating labels, and using Toxnot. 

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