The Toxnot 3.7 Release includes the following features:

Publish Your Materials on Toxnot

Now, you can publish a product or material to Toxnot, allowing other organizations to search for and view your BOM data, and integrate it into their own material libraries.

  • Proprietary options allow you to keep trade secret substances and formulations hidden, while sharing chemical hazard and regulatory list membership data.

Surveys: Track Your Surveys and Reminders

In the surveys dashboard, you can now view the number of opened, accepted, and responded surveys.

The number of survey reminders you send to your supplier, and when the last reminder was sent, is now displayed on the survey dashboard. Note that reminders sent before this release are not counted.

When you've uploaded a manufacturer logo for your account, you can now choose to send that logo in the survey request email to your suppliers.

Better company recognition = better acceptance rates = better response rates!

You can upload a manufacturer logo by opening the BOM Editor, clicking Report, and clicking Options. 

Reporting options are use to create defaults that will be used with all your reports. Specifically, if you upload a manufacturer logo, it will be included on your surveys. 

Suppliers: Improved Materials List in Survey Response

Navigating the supplier survey response is now much easier with a table of materials and at-a-glance validation of completion.

Suppliers: Better visibility for Proprietary Options

When a supplier enters a substance for material disclosure, the options for proprietary designation have been clarified and made more visible.

Recycled Content Calculations: Add Up Your Product, Post-Haste

Now, your pre-consumer, post-consumer, and total recycled content BOM data can be summarized automatically for your product based on row recycled content values and product percentages-by-weight.

  • In your BOM Editor, click Options and select "Calculate BOM-level Recycled Content Fields":

  • View the Recycled Content totals in your product summary data on the General data page which can be accessed by viewing the BOM Editor ¬†selecting Data and clicking Edit Summary Data:

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