This guide will walk you through how to complete a supplier survey step by step, with screenshots to provide visual aid throughout this workflow. Please note that surveys are customizable, so the survey you receive may include less steps than the one pictured in this example.

Step 1:

Once you receive an email like this from your customer, you can begin your survey by clicking the link that says "Click Here to Accept the Request".

Step 2:

Here you will either Sign In (1) or Sign Up for Free to Accept the Request (2) and then Sign In. 

(1) Sign In

And then select "Accept the Request and Get Started Now" to open the survey. 

Now skip down to Step 3.

(2) Sign Up for Free to Accept the Request

Complete the sign up form. 

You will then get an email from Toxnot Support. It is important that you activate your account using the unique link sent to you in the email.

Once you've activated your account, you will want to Sign In.

Then select "Accept the Request and Get Started Now" to open the survey.

Step 3:

Review your surveys instructions. This will likely be a combination of standard Toxnot text along with specific instructions from your customer. Once you are done here, select "Next Step".

Step 4:

This step is where you will fill out the supplier questionnaire. Select "Answer Questionnaire" to open the questionnaire.

You will want to fill out the questionnaire accordingly. Any questions marked with an asterisk(*) are required. You can move freely between the pages and select "Save & Close" once you're done filling in the data.

Step 5:

In this step you will fill out Material Data. At the top of the page you will see a list of the data fields your customer will be asking you for.

Begin by selecting the "Edit Data" drop down. Here you can select from several options to add in your substance data. We recommend the Simple Data Form, which is what will be reviewed in this example. You can also import directly from your own Toxnot library, a spreadsheet, or an SDS file.

Once you've selected "Use Simple Data Form", you will find yourself on a page similar to the one pictured here. In the Chemical Registry Number section, you can search the Toxnot database for CAS numbers, EC numbers, or chemical names. Any fields that are highlighted in bright green and have an asterisk(*) next to them have been marked as required by your customer.

Once you've searched the chemical and found the one you would like to add to your material, click "Select".

If you have a CAS number that is not yet in the Toxnot database, you can add it to your own custom substance list. Click here to learn more about custom substances.

Once your substance has been added, you have the option to mark it as proprietary. This means your customer will only see the hazard data, not the CAS number.

Then complete filling out the data that your customer has asked for. Once you have complete this information, select "Add New Row" to add the next substance in your material. Repeat this process until you have provided all of the data for your material.

Select "Done" once you have finished this step.

Next you will fill out the questionnaire data for your material. You can either batch answer the questionnaire for all of the materials at the same time, or you can answer for just the single material. Here we will be demonstrating the batch answer feature. Start by selecting "Batch Answer All Questionnaires".

Once you open the questionnaire, review the instructions, then select "Start".

In the questionnaire, you will be able to select answers, add files, etc. then select "Apply answer to all BOMs". You can also answer differently for each material. The batch answer functionality allows you to respond to all of the material questions at once, saving you both time and effort.

Once you have answered all of the questions in the questionnaire, select "Save & Close".

Once you have filled out the Material Content Data and the Questionnaire for all materials being surveyed, your tasks will show "Completed". You can now move onto the next step.

Step 6:

In this step, you will submit your survey response!

While submitting back to your customer directly, you also have the option to submit your data to Toxnot Shared Materials. This would allow your customers to retrieve the data that you filled out directly from Toxnot, versus you needing to fill out each survey request individually. You can also change the company and material photos and descriptions before publishing if you choose to go this route.

To share to Toxnot Shared Materials, select "Yes, publish my response materials publicly as Toxnot Shared Materials". Also be sure to review our Terms of Service and select the checkbox next to "I accept Toxnot's Terms of use" to agree to those terms.

If you would not like to publish to Toxnot Shared Materials, select "No, don't publish my response, only send my response data to the requestor".

After you have finalized your preferences, click "Submit Response" to send the data on its way.

Step 7 (Optional):

After submitting to your customer, there are a few options at your disposal. The first is the ability to take the material data you just filled out and add that directly into your own Toxnot Library. This means the material will be saved in your free Toxnot account and can be easily used to respond to requests or create sustainability reports in the future.

If you also decide that you would like to publish to Toxnot Shared Materials, you have the option to do so retroactively. Similar to the last step, you can change the company and material photos and descriptions and select "Publish Shared Materials" once you're happy with the preview.

If at any point you need to go back to the survey, possibly to complete Step 7, you can find past surveys in the "Fill Out Surveys" section.

Surveys with Many Parts or Materials

Your customer may need you to fill out surveys for many materials, in which case we have developed a few features to help you efficiently do that.

First, if many of your parts or materials are made of exactly the same material type, you can group them by the material type and fill out the survey once for each material type. You will select your components, and then group them by the material type name.

Next, you can use the bulk import features to add a spreadsheet that covers all of your materials. Just click the bulk import material content, you will be given a template, and will be able to fill it out. You can also answer the questionnaires for the materials in one large batch, and copy your answers from one material to many.

Getting Help

Do you have a question about the workflow or issues you've found?

Use the Intercom chat service in the bottom-right of your screen to connect to a Toxnot Customer Success Engineer, and we'll get back to you with the information or help you need.

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