We know that many of the suppliers we work with provide components to a variety of different product manufacturers. Many of them may ask you for the similar information about chemical content. In Toxnot, you can answer their survey straight from any material data you already have in your library, as well was completing the survey other ways, such as filling it in by hand, uploading a spreadsheet, or uploading your MSDS. To learn the general steps for answering a survey, click here

Answer the Survey From Your Library

First, you will need to accept the survey and log on to Toxnot. If you log in to the home page on your account, you can see the surveys you need to answer by clicking on Fill Out Surveys. 

Once you have clicked on the correct survey, you will want to navigate to the "Add Material Data" page. From here you can click on Import Data to add the data from your Toxnot library. 

Editing Data Added from your Library

Once you add the data from your library, you can still go into look at the data, edit it, and mark it proprietary as needed. 

Please reach out to support@toxnot.com if you have any question about supplier surveys! 

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