We understand that its easy to make a mistake or need to correct your Declare label submission.

To correct your submission, first go to your Publications area and click on the Product name of the Product you are working on. 

This will then take you into the publications page for this product. Please click on the Declare Label that you are working on, which will be at the bottom of the page. 

Then at the top of the page, you should see the button for "Resubmit with Updates". Click on that to resubmit your changes. 

You will need to complete the submission workflow by selecting "Submit for Approval" to properly resubmit to the Declare team.

If the label has only been submitted and not yet published, this will be free to do. If it has been published, you will need to pay or get a coupon code from declare.support@living-future.org to complete the re-submission of new data. 

Please reach out to support@toxnot.com for questions about using Toxnot and declare.support@living-future.org for questions about the Declare labels and process. 

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