Recycled content consists of "Pre-Consumer Recycled Content", "Post-Consumer Recycled Content", and an overall "Recycled Content" which is the sum of those values. In Toxnot you will find columns for each of these fields.

Your products may contain several materials, each with their own recycled content. Based on the amount of each material in your finished product, Toxnot can calculate the recycled content total of your product.

In the example above, "Material A" and "Material B" both have Pre-consumer recycled content, and Material A has post-consumer recycled content. The product-level recycled content values are determined by the recycled content of each material relative to the percentage of that material in the product (Product % by Weight).


To begin calculating product-level recycled content, there are a few settings to enable. First, open the product where you will be calculating, and click Options in the toolbar.

  1. Enable Show Summary Row to see the top-level row in all of your products and materials. Since your overall recycled content is getting calculated, it will be automatically displayed in this product/material-level row.
  2. Enable Calculate Summary-level Recycled Content Fields to instruct Toxnot that this product's recycled content should be calculated based on its materials.

If you don't see the columns Recycled Content, Pre-consumer Recycled Content, or Post-consumer Recycled Content, visit Setting up your BOM Fields to learn about configuring your row data columns.


  • The total recycled content of a row is determined by the value in the Recycled Content column or the value of Pre- + Post-Consumer Recycled Contents. If you only have Recycled Content, all calculations will work as expected.
  • The total recycled content of a product is determined by (Material-1 Product % * Material-1 Recycled Content + .... + Material-N Product % * Material-N Recycled Content).


  • If you don't see calculations but have entered recycled content for your materials, make sure your materials have a value for Product % by Weight. Without this value, Toxnot doesn't know how much of the material is in the finished product, and ignores the row for calculations. Learn about Weight Auto-calculations to use Toxnot to calculate your percentages automatically.

Getting Help

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