For those who already use HPDC Builder, we now have a way to take data in that system and allow you to edit it in Toxnot.

Importing an HPD
There are two locations you can import a BOM from HPDC Builder from. The first is the Import page:

The second is the Products or Materials page:

HPDC products imported from the material page or in the material or material library mode of the Import page will become materials, while all others will become products.

Upon clicking the import button, you may be prompted to log into your HPDC Builder account to authorize the data import:

Once you are authorized, you will be presented with a list of products you can import:

Note that for products that have multiple records in HPDC Builder, the most recent record will be imported. Select the product(s) to import, then click the "Import" button. A progress bar will appear. Note that importing products may take a long time; a slow import does not mean a failed import. If there are no problems with the import process, you will be presented with this screen:

Clicking on the product name will take you to the BOM editor for that product, while the "Done" button will take you to the Products or Materials page, depending on what was imported.

Imported Chemical Data
Materials in your HPDC  product will become level 1 rows, and the substances attached to them will become level 2 rows. CAS numbers not present in Toxnot's system will be added to your "My Substances" library.

Imported Metadata
Imported metadata will be added to the HPD Summary Data page:

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