Some materials, such as biological materials, may be used in your product but don't have a CAS number. Others might have a CAS number, but that chemical might not yet be in the Toxnot system. 

If you upload a bill of materials (BOM), Toxnot automatically creates a private substance for that material and adds it to your bill of materials. However, if you are creating a product manually in Toxnot, you will need to add that substance yourself. 

To create a new custom substance, go to the My Substances area at the bottom of your left-hand toolbar. 

Then add your new substance to your substances list. 

Now, in your product BOM, you can add that new record by editing the CAS number column and searching. 

Your new substance will appear with an asterisk next to it to signify that it is a custom substance, but you will be able to use it in as many BOMs as you like. 

Getting Help

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