REACH and RoHS regulations target the inclusion and quantity of specific substances of concern. In Toxnot, with your completed formulation data you can confidently report your compliance, and automatically generate a disclosure statement to share with your customers and regulators.

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Disclosure Thresholds

Toxnot automatically calculates threshold definitions for substances regulated under REACH and RoHS. Whether a substance is flagged in the REACH/RoHS Statement is determined by whether the total concentration of the substance is greater than the maximum concentration for the substance.

When a substance is included in the report for disclosure, the threshold used for that substance is also shown.

Create the Report

Like all reports in Toxnot, the REACH/RoHS Statement is available from the Report dropdown in the BOM Editor.

Clicking REACH/RoHS Statement will take you to a preview where you can see the report based on your substance data.

Customize the Statement

You can customize the REACH/RoHS Statement by clicking Edit Metadata from the statement preview:

The following fields may be customized:

  • The Publisher Name which appears at the bottom of the statement and is usually a compliance manager responsible for the disclosure.
  • The Publisher Title which will appear below the Publisher's Name.
  • A Custom Statement which is optionally displayed before the Toxnot-generated compliance determinations. Custom Statements are often used for your company's specific customer and compliance commitments and manufacturing goals.

Further, the REACH/RoHS Statement may be exported to Word (.docx) where you can make additional edits and customizations specific to your business case.

Publishing on Toxnot

Your REACH/RoHS statement can be published directly on Toxnot for no additional fee, helping you meet your compliance requirements for disclosure and report availability.

See Create a Public Material to learn how to publish a material on Toxnot. Simply be sure to select REACH/RoHS Statement as your report to publish.

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