Using the new Red2Green report on Toxnot, manufacturers can proactively share product data with Red2Green for building projects to evaluate against their requirements. They can resubmit with updates at any time so they can be much more in control of their own data. Submission requires a Basic Toxnot account or above. 

To start a Red2Green report, you will need to enter your product chemistry information, as well as requested attributes about your product. To complete the product chemistry information, you can upload an SDS, a bill of material (BOM) from Excel or CSV, or fill the data out manually. Learn how to import data using our walk- through here

Next, you can review the submission. Click on “Report” and then select “Red2Green” and then “Submit to Red2Green” to see your report preview. 

You can then review the product data/ Unless your product was previously a Declare submission, you likely will be missing the summary data about the product. Click on “Edit Summary Data” to fill in the detail fields that Red2Green is requesting.

The fields in the Red2Green summary data page are shared with the Declare fields for that product record. If you change any data in those fields, it will also be updated on the Declare page. However, that data will not be updated on the Declare label unless you request a re-submission or during your renewal process. 

Once you have completed the Summary data, you can preview the report again and then submit to Red2Green. 

Next, you will be taking to the publishing workflow. You can fill out the publishing information that will be sent to Red2Green as well, and then you can preview your final submission, save it as a draft, or submit it. 

Your submission information will be available in your “Publications” library, available under the “My Library” in the left-hand menu. There you can see your previous submission and view the submitted data.

Once your product data is submitted, it will be received by the Red2Green team. It will be compared to the current product data, and then any information in their library will be updated with the newest information. This product data will then be available for projects using the Red2Green system.

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