When you're already collecting material data from suppliers, it often makes sense to include compliance questions as well. The hard piece can be figuring out what to ask. With Toxnot Standard Compliance pages, you can easily include standard language for compliance in your surveys.

Adding the Toxnot Standard Compliance pages to your survey

In Toxnot, surveys are made up of material data and questionnaires. Material data consists of material content information that is usually collected in a spreadsheet-type form. This data can be used to prove or confirm compliance, along with questionnaire answers. Questionnaires ask questions about either: 

  • Supplier data (supplier-level questionnaires) or 

  • Bill of material data (BOM-level questionnaires)

Toxnot Standard Compliance pages can be added to a survey via the Compliance section of the survey building process.

Using the Collected Compliance Data

Once you receive responses to this data, you can view this compliance data in your summary data pages, see the source of the data in the Data Source column, and use this data to roll up entire product compliance.

In your BOM, once the data has been accepted, you can view the compliance pages at any time. First access your Summary Data using the Data dropdown. 

Then go to the California Proposition 65 page, or other relevant compliance pages to see your supplier's response. 

You can use this data on a material level to roll up the overall compliance for the entire product, based both on chemical content and supplier disclosures on the Toxnot Standard Compliance pages. 

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