This update to Toxnot included both features that were added to all Toxnot Accounts and features that will only be available to Toxnot teams. Read about both below.

Supplier Survey Features for all Toxnot Accounts

Click Anywhere - It's now faster than ever to access your surveys. From the surveys page in Toxnot, click anywhere on your list of surveys to access the details. You no longer have to scroll to the right to find the "Edit Survey" button! 

Import Supplier Data - You can now upload supplier data using a spreadsheet, similar to how you upload product data today. You can also now store multiple contacts for one supplier and choose who you want to send a survey to.

Internal/External Part Names - It's much easier to survey suppliers if they have a different part number or part name than the one you use! You can now send the survey on any column in the material record or your own input data, allowing you to survey on the supplier part number, while also storing your internal part number in the database as well.

Shared Material Surveys - Within your Toxnot supplier surveys, you can now request that recipients create a Toxnot Shared Material. This saves them time and effort; they can answer questions from other upstream customers themselves and manage data independently. When the supplier creates a Shared Material, you get automatically notified - and can update your data without having to reconnect with them through additional surveys or follow ups. Read more about Shared Materials here.

View Surveys Better - We've made it much easier to view and sort your surveys. You can now see the requestor name on the survey dashboard, and organize your surveys by that name. Similarly, you can filter by status, reminders and time on the survey dashboard. You can also see the overall average response time in the survey dashboard.

Copy Answers - We've made it easier for the suppliers too! If they are answering questions about many materials, they can now copy their answers to all materials when answering questions in batch. They can also upload multiple files to answer a file question or for document back up. 

Multiple Suppliers - Finally, it's also now available to send surveys to multiple suppliers and all their materials at the same time. 

Supplier Survey Features for All Team Accounts

Revision Requests Improvements - Show suppliers exactly what you need them to change in a survey, with highlighting and instructions for each revision. You can review all materials, highlight areas where changes are needed, include instructions for edits, and then resend your survey using the new revisions capabilities.

Schedule and Template Reminders - Easily manage your suppliers' revisions with scheduled reminders. Set up the reminders as a template to save yourself time, and then suppliers will be automatically cued to respond until they complete their survey.

Survey Analytics and Dashboards - Track your performance against supply chain goals and performance of your suppliers. Use the dashboard assess data about any supplier's average response time, how many surveys have been completed, and other relevant engagement information.

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