HPD information can be easily transferred between Toxnot and the HPD Builder. While most information is transferred, there are a few fields that either don't transfer or are not available in Toxnot at the moment. Here's a breakdown of those different fields.

Note: All "sections" listed here are referring to the sections in the HPD builder. The information can be found in the Summary Data Pages on Toxnot.

* = Required HPD field

General Information - Section 1: Summary

Does not Transfer:

  • MasterFormat® Classification*


  • Product Description*

  • Threshold Disclosed*

  • Inventory and Screening Notes

VOC Content Data - Section 1: Summary

Does not Transfer:

  • Consistency with other programs (Toxnot field)


  • General Information on VOCs*

  • Material (g/l)*

  • Regulatory (g/l)*

  • Does the product contain exempt VOCs?*

  • Are ultra-low VOC tints available?*

Product - Section 2: Content Inventory (Basic)

Does not Transfer:

  • Other Product Notes


  • Product Name*

  • Residuals/Impurities*

  • Residuals and Impurities Notes*

Substances - Section 2: Content Inventory

Does not Transfer:

  • Substances that are not in the HPD Builder's database


  • All other substances (including those marked as proprietary)

Certifications - Section 3: Certification & Compliance


  • All certification entries

Accessories - Section 4: Accessories


  • All accessory entries - Note: Must complete all fields for each accessory for it to copy because they are required fields in HPD Builder

General Notes - Section 5: General Notes


  • All general notes entries

Contact Info & Publication - Section 6: References


  • All entries


Please reach out to support@toxnot.com for questions about using Toxnot and support@hpd-c.org for questions about HPDs and the process of getting an HPD certification.

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