You might be a Declare manufacturer, or you might not, but you've come to Toxnot with the goal of creating a Declare label. Declare Labels make a powerful statement on visibility and transparency for your consumers, and are easily configured, generated, and submitted to the International Living Futures Institute (ILFI) from your existing products in Toxnot. Here we will walk you through the steps you need to create and submit your declare label.

Step 1: Import your BOM Data
Step 2: Edit your Product Summary Data
Step 3: Prepare your Declare Label

Step 1: Import your BOM Data

In order to create your label in Toxnot, you first need to import your product data. If you want to use the simplest import,you can read our general data import summary (include link here) to help you get your bill of materials (BOM) uploaded into Toxnot.

If your BOM has materials that you would like to use in other products, try the Importing Linked Materials in Products article to walk you through the best way to import BOMs using our linked materials function. We also have a Declare Data Template to enter and then import the Declare-specific fields. If you have any questions, use the chat button in the bottom right-hand side of the screen to reach out to our team.

Step 2: Edit your Product Summary Data

You have successfully imported your product data. Congrats! Next, you need to edit the summary data, the data that is about the product, instead of the BOM data that is about what's in the product. You can access that data by clicking the"Data" tab and "Edit Summary Data". 

From there, you should fill in the first page labeled as "General" (note, this will automatically save as you fill it out) and then go straight to the "Declare" page to complete the relevant data for the Declare label.

Step 3: Prepare your Declare Label

Once you have updated the necessary summary data for your product, it's time to start creating the actual label! You will first navigate to the "Report" tab. Under the Declare drop down you will see two options: Declare Label (Just Substances) or Declare Label (Materials and Substances). 

Here is an example BOM that we will use to demonstrate the two types of Declare Labels:

Declare Label (Just Substances)
This label looks at the rows in your BOM that are substances and then create the ingredients list based on those. It will not divide the ingredient up into their various components.

Declare Label (Materials and Substances)
This label will look at the materials and substances in your BOM and list the ingredients in the Declare label based on which substance they are in. In order for this label type to work correctly, it is important to have weight or % by weight information at the component levels. For example, this simple BOM contains all the weight % information in the product % by weight column, including information for the components.

Basic Information
This information can be edited by selecting the "Edit Declare Summary Data" button at the top of the preview page.

  • Your Product Name and Descriptions appear at the top of the label
  • The Manufacturer Name is configured in the General page of the product's Summary Data
  • Final Assembly, Life Expectancy, and End of Life Options are all configured in the Declare Template Fields of the product's Summary Data. 

The list of ingredients is created based on you product's substances. Declare Labels have a reporting threshold of 100 ppm, so a product with less than 0.01% total Product % by Weight will be omitted.

Proprietary Ingredients
Substances which you or your suppliers designate as proprietary in Toxnot will appear as "Undisclosed" on your Declare Label. If the substance is included in the Red or Orange lists, they will still have the corresponding hazard color. 

Modifications for Exceptions and Omissions of Ingredients
Occasionally it is necessary to document a substance which does not have a corresponding CASRN in Toxnot, document an exception, or to omit an ingredient.

 You can modify ingredient names, exceptions, or omissions within the Declare Template Preview:

Please note that modifications that you make to chemical names will only be visible in Declare labels. To change the chemical names everywhere the chemical is used, use our custom chemical name manager to keep things consistent throughout your data. 

Living Building Challenge Criteria Information
The following information can be configured in your product's Summary Data:

  • CSI Master Format
  • Declaration Status
  • VOC Content
  • VOC Emissions

Submitting your Label
Congratulations! You have completed your Declare Label! From the Declare Label Preview, you can choose to Submit Declare Label to ILFI. All the steps after that for submission, review, approval and publishing are available in our next article following the button below. 

Choosing to submit your data will send a summary of your Declare Label to the ILFI for review, including your name and email address registered in Toxnot. Data you have marked as proprietary will remain Undisclosed in this submission.

The ILFI team will reach out to you as they review your submission. Submissions require a membership with the ILFI, and they will contact you if you do not have one. 

Getting Help

If you have question about the Declare label process and information, contact you have questions about using Toxnot, reach out in chat in the bottom right-hand corner or email

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