You've spoken and we have listened! We have developed a diverse list of new features to help you connect data across your team, scale up data as you grow, make Toxnot easier to use, and much more! The new features are as listed as below:

Storing & Managing Supplier Contacts

We focused on making it easier to store more supplier and more detailed information, including: 

  • Import supplier information with up to 10 associated contacts

  • Add labels to supplier contacts to better understand roles and titles

Supplier Survey Features

You can now more easily identify survey sent for one outreach effort or another by using optional survey names and tags. 

  • Supplier Part Number (or Part Name) is now a standard column in Toxnot

  • Add names and tags to supplier survey records

Collecting supplier data for compliance is now streamlined! You can even send surveys that only collect question based compliance or other data, without needing to also ask for content data. 

  • Add custom instructions to questions on standard questionnaire pages (i.e. California Proposition 65 questions and other compliance pages)

  • Send questionnaire-only BOM surveys

Compliance Features

Documenting compliance requires notes, documentation and careful attention. That's now even easier to do on Toxnot. 

  • Add general supporting documents and notes for each compliance regulation

  • The updated compliance summary pages allow you to add and remove compliance data that you've received from suppliers and better understand how your summary compliance status is impacting your overall compliance score

Data Management & BOM Functionality

Large library uploads now can be bigger, contain more data, and will track changes over time by automatically creating versions of the uploaded products or materials. 

  • Update both existing products and materials via library imports

  • Products and materials updated via library import will create a version in your version history, if you have Compliance enabled

  • Control whether you update product and material summary data, content data, or both with your library updates

  • Add one document to many products or materials via bulk file upload

  • Update many products' or materials' summary data via bulk spreadsheet upload

  • Uploaded libraries can be thousands of lines long

Product and material summary data is the data about the product or materials, such as compliance status, and manufacturing location. You can now view that data in the bill of material view about a part or material that's being used in your products. It's also even easier to update that information when you get new data.

  • View material summary data in a product BOM, including your supplier responses! To do that, you will add custom BOM columns to pull in specific summary data.

  • Manage your documents for a product or material all in one place with the brand new Documents tab in your Summary Data. Here you can also add document- specific descriptions to better organize your data. 

  • Customize manufacturer logo per product in your Summary Data

  • Update many products' or materials' summary data via bulk spreadsheet upload

Team Features

We've made working together as a team, especially with many people working remotely, even more fluid as well. 

  • Declare notifications now go to team owners as well as the original submitter on the team

  • Search your library searches across all folders

Questions about these features? Reach out over chat or to and we can answer any questions you have! 

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