There may be times where you have specific material summary data from your Summary Data Template that would be very beneficial to display in your product BOM view - using custom columns, this can be achieved with ease! 

Start by navigating to your library and selecting the "Data Templates" tab, then click "BOM Summary Data Template". 

Here you can add/delete Summary Data pages and customize the fields (these exact questions can be sent in supplier surveys as well). Select  "Save & Close" once you're satisfied with your new pages.

To link these created questions back to your BOM, select "BOM Column Template" from the Date Templates page. 

Click on the "Edit Column Properties" tab and add in your custom column as shown below. This will be the name of the column in your BOM view. Next, select the edit button next to your new column name. 

This is where you will tell Toxnot what summary data to display in your BOM view. Be sure to select "Summary Data" for the type, then select the summary data that you would like to be displayed (this can be your custom summary data page or a standard page from Toxnot). Click "Save" when finished.

Now select "Done Editing".  If you would like to adjust the order and visibility of your BOM columns to ensure this new column shows up in your BOM view, visit this article for more information. You are finished with your Data Templates section. 

From here, you can send supplier surveys about your materials or manually enter this summary data in your BOM. 

To manually enter this data, go to the desired material from your library. Once in the BOM, click the "Data" drop-down at the top of the page and select " Edit Summary Data". From there, select your custom summary data page and fill out the information. When done, select "Done Editing".

You will now see that summary data displayed in your BOM view.

Congratulations! You have now learned how to display custom summary data in your BOM!

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