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How to Add Substance Lists to your "Favorites" in Toxnot
How to Add Substance Lists to your "Favorites" in Toxnot

The substance lists that you see throughout Toxnot are determined by your "favorites". Here's how to curate that list to fit your needs!

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Toxnot has over 60 substance lists within the platform that you can use to screen against your products and materials. These range from hazard lists, to restricted substance lists, to regulatory lists. Because there are so many lists at your disposal, we've made it easier for you to customize your needs and narrow down the lists you see throughout the system for ease-of-use.

To customize your favorites, select the "Lists & Substances" drop-down from the navigation bar, then click on "Toxnot Lists". Here you can navigate through all of the lists and favorite the ones that you want to see throughout Toxnot. You can favorite them all or choose just a few select lists - it's entirely customizable.

Add to favorites:

Once you've set your favorites list, you will see the changes reflected throughout Toxnot in your BOM view, BOM column template, comparisons, portfolio view, and more!

Example - BOM Column Template

Example - Comparisons

If your needs ever change, don't worry! You can revisit the "Toxnot Lists" page at any time to make alterations to your favorites.

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