After verifying your email address in Toxnot, you can send supplier surveys directly from your company email and customize the names of the survey emails.

Due to advancing web security standards, it is sometimes necessary for you to set up a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) to keep your emails from being mistakenly marked as spam. SPF records provide mail servers with information about where emails are coming from so you can send emails from 3rd party services like Toxnot using your domain name.

Here are the main takeaways:

  • Setting up an SPF is something that needs to be done on your company's domain, usually completed by your IT department

  • An SPF helps with deliverability and communicates that you allow Toxnot to send emails with your email address

To set up the SPF, your IT department will need to add an SPF as a TXT record in your DNS. Below is what it should look like as Toxnot uses Amazon SES to send emails:

"v=spf1 ~all"

Please refer to this link for more information about setting one up through Amazon SES: Authenticating Email with SPF in Amazon SES.

Need Help?

Our Engineering team can provide assistance regarding SPF set up. Use the chat in the bottom-right of your screen or email to connect to a Toxnot Customer Success Engineer so we can get in touch with your IT department.

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