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Connect your ECHA and Toxnot Accounts
Connect your ECHA and Toxnot Accounts
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Looking to submit information to the SCIP Database through Toxnot? The first step is to make sure your ECHA account is connected to your Toxnot account. The step by step instructions on how to connect these accounts can be found below!

Start by going to the ECHA website and log in.

You should be able to see the Legal Entity UUID on the landing page after you sign in.

You can also go to the Legal Entity Page using the link on the left navbar

Copy the Legal Entity UUID from either source and sign into Toxnot. After signing in select "Settings" then "Profile."

In "Profile", you should see a section called "Connected Accounts" with a section for EU ECHA:

Click on the 'Connect' button. A modal display should appear with a form to edit the Legal entity UUID and the S2S API Key.

How to Join ECHA’s System-to-System Integration Service

To request access to ECHA's System-to-System service, the LE manager needs to submit a request to be part of the System-to-System service via ECHA’s contact form here.

Request type: Access to system to system Question:

In the open textbox for ‘Question’, the following information needs to be provided:

  • ECHA account username

  • Legal Entity UUID that wants to submit dossier

  • Legal Entity name

  • Software used to connect to ECHA system (if using own, specify ‘self-developed’)

The LE manager can use a text similar to the one shown below:

`I want my Legal Entity to have access to the System to System service provided by ECHA in the context of Poison Centres Notifications. The details of the Legal Entity are the following:

Username of my ECHA account is: testName


Legal Entity Name: Test Name

Our S2S API requests will be performed by Toxnot PBC.’

Return to the ECHA website. In order to generate an S2S key, make sure that your account has the role of 'S2S Keys Manager'. To see all of the users of an account and their roles go to 'Legal Entity' on the left-hand navigation bar and then select 'Users' from the drop-down.

On the Legal Entity Users page, you can see all of the users and each person's role under the 'User roles' column.

If your account does not have the 'S2S Keys Manager' role, you can add it by selecting the user name under the 'Username' column.

On the 'User Information' page you can edit by pressing the pencil in the top right corner, and then scrolling down and entering roles in the 'Roles' portion of the User Profile section.

After confirming that your user has the 'S2S Keys Manager' role, you can select the S2S key on the left-hand navigation bar.

This will take you to the S2S Keys Management page. From the S2S Keys Management page, you can create a new S2S Key by pressing the generate button under the 'Actions' column. This will prompt a confirmation modal.

The new S2S key will appear on the next modal that appears. Copy the text that appears under 'S2S key (base64UrlEncoded)'.

Go back to the toxnot website and copy this text into the 'Connect to ECHA' modal. Then press the 'Save' button.

Congratulations! Your accounts should now show up as connected!

Getting Help

If you have questions about using Toxnot or the material covered in this help article, reach out in chat in the bottom right-hand corner or email

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