This release mainly focus on features needed to support SCIP Reporting required by EU regulations. To read more about how to submit to SCIP using Toxnot, start below.

There are a few updates that will affect ongoing users. Read more below:

Updates to Compliance Users' EU REACH Determinations to Support SCIP

For ongoing Toxnot compliance users, they will see some updates in there account. For one, the requirements for importers under the EU REACH regulation are now broken into two different REACH determinations, as seen below.

The EU REACH Authorisation List evaluates the chemicals in your products and against the Authorisation List - Annex XIV of REACH. Those are SVHCs (Substances of Very High Concern) that have been flagged for further restriction. They cannot be placed on the market unless authorisation is granted for their specific use.

The EU REACH Candidate List & SCIP evaluates the chemicals in your products against Candidate List of substances of very high concern for Authorisation, published in accordance with Article 59(10) of the REACH Regulation. If Candidate list substances are present in your product about 0.1% by weight, they require notification to the EU in the SCIP database, and further notification requirements if your company imports more than 1 tonne per year.

For products that were listed as compliant with the previous general REACH determination, they have now been migrated to being compliant with the REACH Candidate List and unknown for the Authorisation List.

Each regulation can now be marked as applicable to the product or material. For example, if there is only a subset of your products that you sell into the EU or California, you can mark only those products having applicability to that regulation.

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