If you publish a Product or Material Passport on the Toxnot Exchange, you have the opportunity to host a Company Page. This article will dive into the advantages and features of the Company Page.

To set up your company page, click the drop down under Toxnot Exchange in the left toolbar.

You'll can enter information including your company name, email, URL, Description and logo.

Below is an example of what your company page will look like on the Toxnot Exchange.

Your Company Page is accessible via the Toxnot Exchange. Anyone browsing companies on the Exchange would see your name and be able to click onto your page.

Your Page includes ...

  1. Your Logo

  2. Your Website

  3. Description of your Company

  4. Button to contact you

  5. Ability to Request Access to your product passports

  6. Your Product or Material Library

What shows up in you Product or Material Library depends on what Access Level you choose to publish your Product or Material Passports. Check out the Access Level article to learn more about your three options. If you published a Passport as 'Restricted', only the product name will be visible and the supply chain partner will be able 'Request Access' via the button. If you published a Passport as 'Public', the Product's compliance status will be visible.

Getting Help

If you have questions about using Toxnot or the material covered in this help article, reach out in chat in the bottom right-hand corner or email support@toxnot.com.

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