The Toxnot Exchange is a hub where companies can share and find Material Passports. Each Passport can host any & all information relevant to your product including sustainability information, circularity data, compliance status, ingredients list, testing results, adjoining documentation etc.

Think of the Passport like a real passport, its the thing you need to gain access to what you want. It holds a lot of potential! Material Passports are a way for suppliers and manufacturers to exchange information in an efficient and secure way.


Throughout our six years as a supply chain management platform, the biggest issue we’ve observed is that manufacturers have trouble acquiring ingredient data or Full Material Disclosure (FMD) for their products. Supply chain partners either don’t want to share or simply do not know all the ingredients in their products.

The Toxnot Exchange allows respective members of the supply chain to create Material Passports that can be shared between partners. Two major advantages of using Passports instead of excel spreadsheets or emails to relay information is the real time, automated updates and the ability to share information while maintaining proprietary information secret.

Set up your Company Page

The first step is to set up your company page. Your company page will host any Passports you publish.

In order to publish a Passport, you must fill out these fields. Check out this article for more details on the advantages of hosting a Company Page.

Publish a Material Passport

  1. Create a Material Passport by selecting the row then clicking into the workflow.

  2. Follow along the workflow by first reviewing your BOM and product data.

3. The first part of the 'Customize' step, is to select which permission setting you want create your passport with. There are three permission settings that will affect the way your Passport is displayed on the Toxnot Exchange. See this article on Exchange Permissions if you're unsure which permission is best for you.

If you choose 'restricted' or 'unlisted' you have the option to share the Passport with a specific email address.

Next, you can select which components you want to be included in your passport. If you click the check boxes, each category will have a drop down with more fields.

4. The 'Exchange Preview' step gives you a preview of what the Passport will look like on the Toxnot Exchange. This is your chance to see exactly what other people will see when they're look at your Passport. If you included ingredient data in the 'Customize' step, you'll see it show up here.

If you chose the 'unlisted' or 'restricted' permission setting, click the toggle at the top of the page to see what someone without access would see. Someone could request access from you, once you grant access, they will see the preview when the box is not checked.

5. The 'Passport Preview' step shows a more specific view into what the details of the Passport will look like. Someone would only be able to see the Passport if you published it as Public or if you granted them access.

6. Lastly, either click 'Finish' or 'Publish' and your Passport will be live on the Exchange!

Manage Access to your Passports

Click the 'Manage Permissions' tab under the 'Toxnot Exchange' button in the toolbar.

Click on a Passport to see who has access to it. If someone has requested access for one of your Passports, you can grant that access by clicking the 'Grant Permissions for Materials' button in the top left.

Once you click the 'grant access for a Material' button, you'll be brought to a page where you can input one or several email addresses.

Write into the chat box on the bottom right side of the page or write into support@toxnot.com to learn more.

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