Product Compliance Tools

Toxnot strives to make product compliance available for companies of all sizes no matter what sort of budget you may or may not have. You can manage and determine product compliance for up to 250 product records for free.

Screen against 100+ regulations updated twice monthly

Automated compliance roll-ups for CA Prop 65, EU REACH, EU RoHS, & Conflict Minerals

Generate unlimited compliance statements

Review, override, & store compliance determinations

Data Storage and Management

Although a paid account allows you to manage more product records and makes management easier through automations, the free Toxnot account has an extensive amount of data storage and management capabilities including:

Import wizard for parts lists, BOMs, & suppliers via CSV and Excel

Product & material with dashboards, filters, folders, tags, & statuses

Automated SDS import, digitization, data extraction, & QA toolset (50 SDSs)

Complex BOM management

Product & material document attachment and storage

Dynamically linked material to product roll-ups and document inheritance

Create custom data pages and BOM data fields

Product Chemical Hazards and Safety

Over 100 regulatory lists are updated on a regular basis and automated chemical hazard management tools are build right into your Bill of Materials.

Automatically identify product & material chemical hazards like carcinogens

Searchable chemical hazard database with over 110K records

Certified Greenscreen™ List Translator with 20 hazard end-points & H-Codes

Send an unlimited number of supplier surveys

Often times, manufacturers have gaps in their product data. You might want to know whether a specific product is compliance with a set of regulations or maybe you want full material disclosure (FMD). The way to get these answers is by sending that supplier a survey. With a free Toxnot account, you can do all of the following:

Fully customizable survey templates. Ask anything.

Collect full material disclosure & ingredient data

Collect compliance determinations for any regulation

Collect Material Safety Datasheets (MSDSs)

Collect sustainability & circularity data

Collect certifications, test results, & other attachments

Automated survey reminders

In-app supplier communication and survey revision process

Send surveys in 9 different languages

Survey management dashboard with live statuses

Supplier management dashboard

The Toxnot Exchange

The Exchange is a digital hub where you can create, share and find Digital Product Passports (DPP). It is the infrastructure to support the circular economy and the exchange of data between suppliers and manufacturers.

Search, find, & collect product data instantly

Create & publish product passports

Easily & securely share any product data with anyone

Automatically receive product updates from suppliers

Sustainability Reporting

You can create a Declare Label, hosted by International Future Living Institute. Any further sustainability reports such as PCDS, HPDs, LEED, Cradle2Cradle, or Red List letters can be accessed with a paid account.

Declare Labels™ from the International Future Living Institute (ILFI)

Toxnot Support

We do our best to support everyone in our Toxnot community. Here is a list of support resources available to anyone.

Live in-app chat

24/7 help center

Email support

Video onboardings


Custom import services (at a cost)

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