Toxnot is all about integrated product reporting. After importing or editing your data, view it in the Bill of Materials editor and you're ready to produce reports!

With Toxnot you can quickly generate:

  • Health Product Declarations (HPDs)

  • Declare Labels

  • LEED v4 Disclosure and Optimization Reports

From the BOM Editor, simply click on the the Report drop down to get started.

This will take you to a preview of the report. From there you can choose to export, third party verify, or publish the report.

There's no limit to the number of reports you can preview or export in Toxnot.

Reporting Summary Data

Reporting summary fields such as Product Threshold and Inventory and Screening Notes for HPDs are stored in Toxnot as inventory summary data. You can edit this information from the BOM Editor by selecting Data > Edit Summary Data, and your information will appear in any reports you generate.

Proprietary or Undisclosed Substances

Sometimes certain chemicals or substances should not be revealed in your reports. To mark a substance as undisclosed, click the eyeball icon in the Chemical Registry Number column to toggle its status.

Further Reading

To learn more about generating HPDs in Toxnot, see HPD Reporting.

Getting Help

Do you have a question about the workflow or issues you've found? 

Use the Intercom chat service in the bottom-right of your screen to connect to a Toxnot Customer Success Engineer, and we'll get back to you with the information or help you need. 

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