With our new feature release, we've consolidated all of the global settings, reporting options, and other preferences in one place to make it easier for you to manage! This help article will walk you through all of the features you know and love and where they are now located.

App Settings

Manufacturer Information

BOM Export Settings

App Settings

These settings were formerly located in your BOM "Options" and your "Reporting Settings" page. They are now consolidated to make them easier to manage and find!

In the App Settings you will find:

  • Default Weight Units

  • Default Reporting Threshold in PPM

  • Advanced Row Hierarchy

  • Recycled Content

  • Scrap Rate

  • Autocalculations Rounding

  • Part Name Display

  • Alternatives Mode

  • Material Selection

  • Declare Label Options

  • Obscure Reporting Percentages to Ranges

  • REACH Articles

  • Survey Settings

Need help understanding which is which and where they are relevant? Here's a breakdown!

Overall system settings and preferences:

Reporting settings and preferences (these settings will alter your sustainability reports - like Declare Labels, HPDs, etc.):

Feature specific settings and preferences:

Manufacturer Information

These settings were formerly in the Reporting Options for each individual BOM. You can now set your default manufacturer information in one place so it will be reflected throughout your library and for all reports!

In the Manufacturer Information section you will find:

  • Manufacturer Name, Address, and Contact Information (this is where you would enter your company's information)

  • Manufacturer Logo

BOM Export Settings

These settings were formerly in the "Export" drop-down in your BOM views. These are now consolidated with the other global settings for easy access!

In the BOM Export Settings you will find:

  • Export Settings (whether or not you want to export upper and lower bounds of ranges in separate columns and whether or not you wan to compute and export total weight in your BOM)

  • Export Additional Information whether or not you want to include product name, description, supplier, and plant in your BOM exports)

Getting Help

If you have questions about using Toxnot or the material covered in this help article, reach out in chat in the bottom right-hand corner or email support@toxnot.com.

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